2020 Polymer Classes & Event Features

Lisa Pavelka will be your guide to multiple technique workshops where you'll learn these exciting design concepts and techniques that will expand your creative repertoire with concepts that can sometimes be easily adapted to other mediums. Classes feature work with clays (polymer, metal, epoxy), resin, metalsmithing, beading, wire work and more. Workshops are generally all-inclusive. With an occasional exception of a single tool, all tools and materials are provided. You even get to keep some of the tools along with a generous goodie bag filled with lots of surprises! The value of tools and materials each participant receives is valued at several hundred dollars, often coming close to the cost of the class fee! Plus, there is a bonus demonstration and prizes for all!


2020 Class fees also include: PPE kit (masks, disposable gloves, droplet shields and hand sanitizer), bottled water, a tea and coffee bar, a wide variety of packaged snacks on hand at all times, continental breakfast each day, a welcome pizza party, Pavelka Palooza 2nd Night Dinner, evening wine tastings (1st night paired with chocolates, 2nd night paired with cheeses) an elegant banquet at the multi award-winning winery restaurant - Symphanies!**


All adult skill levels are welcome. Beginners get a solid skill set with various mediums and those with more experience learn new techniques, tips and design concepts.


To register email: [email protected]


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Event Agenda

(Class Descriptions & Photos Below)


August 13, 2020 - 6:00 - 9:00 pm:


    Meet and Greet Pizza Party & Wine Tasting/Choclate pairings + Demo + Surprises!


August 14, 2020 9:00 - 5:00 pm:


    Kaleidoscope Canes Extravagana - Learn how to make complex cane patterns with tips for color

    selection and reduction while minimalizing distortion. Optional cane slice swap.


6:00 pm - Until Whenever:


    Your hosts are providing dinner and wine tasting #2 with cheese pairings!


August 15, 2020 9:00 - 5:00 pm:


    Morning - Coil Bezel Frames: Learn how to make backfill bezel frames for use with canes, mokume

    gane and other clay veneers. We'll discuss types and sizes of wire as well as the tools needed. A

    demonstration of how to backfill frames will be given.


    Afternoon - The  "Perfect Pen" - students will use distortion scraps from the previous day's cane  

    construction to create a high-end pen. We'll learn how to get the smoothest veneer, to make

    polishing easier.  A demonstration on how to get a satiny-smooth finish through polishing and

    buffing. These pens are ideal for personal use, gifting and resale.


6:00 pm - Final Banquet


August 16, 2020 - am:


We say our goodbyes and checkout


Class Sample Photos - A Glimspe of What You'll Learn


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Empty Coil Bezels LR Wire Framed Kaleidoscope Pendant

Hammered Coil Bezels with Kaleidoscope cane backfills (above - left) Kaleidoscope cane backfill inside a spaced coil bezel frame (above - right), The "Perfect Pen," polished, high end scrap clay pattering (bottom)

The Perfect Pen LR