Frequently Asked Questions

For frequently asked questions about cruising including information on passport requirements, tipping, what to pack/wear, stateroom amenities, shipboard services, forms of payment accepted onboard, cruise services, etc. please visit: Carnival FAQs page and website.  


Class FAQ


I’m new to the medium being taught, will I be able to learn the material and keep up?


Of course! We deliberately are keeping the student to teacher rations lower than most land-based classes in order to ensure that everyone will get all the instructor attention they need. You’ll learn all you need to complete the techniques or projects at home along with helpful instructional handouts, all you supply* is practice towards mastering your new skills. More experienced artisans sometimes enjoy assisting newbies seated at their table. We are one big happy family! Our staff and instructors strive to provide you with an enjoyable and informative experience in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. If there is anything we can do to improve your experience, we will do our best to make it happen!


I have plenty of experience, will I learn anything new?


Without a doubt! Our instructors our top-of-the-line, world renowned artists who excel in teaching new techniques, product applications, project and design concepts. Even if the subject material is familiar, we’re sure you’ll learn some new tips and tricks alone, that will make the cruise worthwhile. Don’t forget the free demos and an instructor roundtable session for any questions and answers you may have. Added bonuses include the stuffed goodie bags of product that are typically worth more than the cost of your class. If that wasn’t enough, the new friendships and camaraderie you’ll share with all of the participants will make this a trip you’ll never forget!


What supplies and materials do I need to bring?


In many cases on our cruises and overseas creative retreats, all or most of your supplies are provided. Many of these items are yours to keep. Some tools and materials will be donated or lent to students by the instructors. In these cases, each teacher will inform you of what needs to be returned to them after class. In cases where  we do ask that supply a tool, this will be specified in the information for the specific cruise or retreat.


(*For polymer clay cruises and retreats, students are asked to bring a clay dedicated non-motorized pasta machine, a large "C" clamp, and a 6' x 6' or larger smooth, ceramic work tile).


Will there be other activities besides classes and demos?


We will be hosting opening and closing sessions with details provided to you after registration. Each participant will get a cruise booklet or itinerary of our class times and events. Locations may need to be announced just prior to class at a pre-designated meeting area. We will also provide you with instructor contact information.  We will also surprise you with some fun theme nights and  maybe even a challenge or two. Our cruises feature daily door prizes. We do everything we can to set the mood for fun, fun, fun!


Is there a workspace open during non-class hours?


Whenever possible (due to space allotments), we strive to provide a workroom that you can use during non-class hours, Due to shipboard safety requirements, we may not be able to offer use of electric or heated tools when an instructor is not present. Also, because these areas cannot be secured, Art Across the Oceans accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen items. We ask that you remove valuables when you leave the room.


Can I take pictures at classes and demos?


Of course we welcome you to take your camera to most events. Individual instructors may have restrictions of photograhy video and audio recording due to copyright issues. Out of artistic courtesy, please check with instructor’s or fellow students before taking photos of work that doesn’t belong to you and any teaching processes.


What is the policy if I need to cancel my trip and classes?


Cancellation policies differ from event to event. Be sure to look for additional information on the event page listing or contact the travel host of coordinator listed on specific event pages for cancellation policies.


For all other questions please contact Lisa Pavelka at: [email protected]