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Lisa Pavelka is an award-winning artist, author and designer who has worked professionally for over two decades with mixed mediums including polymer/metal clays, resin, wire and crystal to name a few. Lisa has organized creative cruises and European retreats in addition to her other international workshops, year round. She has served as one of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS inaugural Ambassadors. Her artwork and tutorials are regularly featured in numerous magazines and books, including four that she's authored herself. Lisa's signature product line is distributed to over 40 countries. Many people recognize her for her many appearances on TV shows such as HGTV’s Carol Duvall Show, DIY Network’s Jewelry Making, Discovery Channel, JTV, and more. Lisa believes that everyone is an artist! She is dedicated to helping others discover their "canvas." Learn more about Lisa at:

Lisa Pavelka will be your guide to multiple technique workshops where you'll learn these exciting design concepts and techniques that will expand your creative repertoire with concepts that can sometimes be easily adapted to other mediums. Classes feature work with clays (polymer, metal, epoxy), resin, metalsmithing, beading, wire work and more. Workshops are generally all-incusive. With an occassional exception of a single tool, all tools and materials are provided. You even get to keep some of the tools along with a generous goodie bag filled with lots of surprises! The value of tools and materials each participant receives is valued at several hundred dollars, often coming close to the cost of the class fee! Plus, there is a bonus demonstration and prizes for all!


Class fees also include bottled water, a tea and coffee bar, a wide variety of snacks on hand at all times, continental breakfast each day, a welcome pizza party, potluck, evening wine, a private wine tasting, winery tour and an elegant banquet at the award-winning winery restaurant.


All adult skill levels are welcome. Beginners get a solid skill set with various mediums and those with more experience learn new techniques, tips and design concepts.



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Learn How To Create These Four Exciting Designs (All Tools & Materials Included):


1. Rainbell Pendant - You'll use traditional metal smithing techniques including texturing, cutting and dapping to construct a series of graduated copper discs with a dangling turquoise dagger bead.


2. Hard-Wear Crystal Blossom Focal Pendant - Learn how to connect hardware components to create an inverted formation that we'll set with a Swarovski crystal, using epoxy clay.


3. We'll create a "never-ending" infinity bracelet made up of Byzantine chainmaille links intersperced with your choice of Swarowski crystal Cosmic Ring components.


4. You'll choose from dozens of findings to create a re-useable mold. You'll learn how to use the mold to make fine silver (.999 pure silver) charms using Art Clay Silver metal clay and economical torch firing. In addition, you'll learn how to hand-polish and patina charms.

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